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Visions from the Void

by Deep Space Destructors

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River keeps on flowing as the mind sets at ease For the first time see the forest beyond trees As the river flows it shapes your mind Takes away the edges all the pieces are aligned The quest continues for the final dream Patterns created, let go of your fears! Psychedelic void, stand on the edge of madness Don't hesitate take the final step! Rise to the mountain Leave the Earth, behind Path to enlightenment Salvation of the mind
Sky is clear and stars ablaze Fall in to the darkness drifting fragments of space Passing by Through the endless void Travel inside your mind Leave all behind Open up your eyes and take a look around What have you found? Gaining distance through the void Time and space and everything erased Find a way to another dimension Let go of your fears, only love can remain Passing by Illusions will shatter change our ways Or is too late? Open up your eyes and take a look around! What have you found? Gaining distance through the void Time and space and everything erased See horizon fall in to place You will see there's no hope Only love can remain Passing by Mind over matter, rattle the cage Free your mind! Only love can remain
Musta materia Täyttää mielen tyhjiön Hallitsematon, purkaus Kosmista energiaa Valjastaa astraalikehon ja mielen tähtijuoksuun Säkenöivien valojen loisteessa on helppo unohtaa Olevansa olemassa Juoksen kohti äärettömyyttä Suuntaa tiedä en En välitä, ikävöi en En katso taakseni Ikuisuus edessäni on
Floating 09:48
Abandon space and time Freedom loose your mind At the back of my eyes electrified visions Hidden behind astral eyelids Shadows of reality, mist of collisions Painted on the canvas of my mind Repeating patterns, calculated chaos Searching for something true Waiting for release from earthly prison Yearning for bound-less freedom Searching for something true Waiting for release Yearning for boundless freedom Yearning for freedom Abandon space and time Freedom loose your mind
I am drifting through my mind Floating freely not looking behind Chains are gone I am free Past the point of, returning This journey I have to take Hike the trail swim in the lake Patterns start to form Water`s soothing and warm Dive deep in to the lake Watch for the ripples you make Far-out vibrations in your mind Don't be afraid what you will find Just let it go and flow Your mind knows where to go Tide is coming getting higher It pulls me under new me shall transpire Endless cycle of events appear from silence Psychedelic stream of illusive dream Look inside, see your reflection reversed See the cycles turn and turn forever Peel the layers of your spirit Gather the pieces put them together New impressions from the void!



released December 10, 2018

On "Visions from the Void" pieces of the DSD hivemind are aligned with Dr. Space, contributing analog synthesizers for the whole album, as well as Antti "Yskä" Ylijääskö playing saxophone on "Tyhjyyden Mantra", Joonatan Elokuu Aaltonen devoting synthesizers, mellotron & guest vocals for "Floating", and TYHJÄ PÄÄ (Void Head) providing analog space sounds & drones for "From the Void".

"Visions from the Void" was recorded and mixed at Tonehaven Studios by Tom Brooke, while the guest artist were recorded in different locations. Mastering was done by Mojolab.

Yet again extremely talented Markus Räisänen provided the artwork and the gatefold images conjured by the artist will leave no spacehead cold.




Deep Space Destructors Oulu, Finland

Deep Space Destructors plays psychedelic space rock from Earth.

DSD was founded in the beginning of the Earth year 2011 in Oulu, Finland, on band members’
mutual love for 60’s and 70’s kraut, prog and psychedelic rock.

DSD's journey continues towards deeper space and sounds.
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