Spring Break From Space EP

by Deep Space Destructors



Digital version of the limited cassette edition made for Spring Break From Space 2015 tour. It includes two songs recorded live at Rehearsal Vortex, with vocals, percussions and analog synths added afterwards. The cassette contains:

Space (A-side): 01. Journey To The Space Mountain (7:50)
Void (B-side): 02: Where Space Ends Time Begins (11:03)

Review: theobelisk.net/obelisk/2015/03/27/deep-space-destructors-spring-break-from-space-stream/


released April 1, 2015




Deep Space Destructors Oulu, Finland

Deep Space Destructors plays psychedelic space rock from Earth.

DSD was founded in the beginning of the Earth year 2011 in Oulu, Finland, on band members’
mutual love for 60’s and 70’s kraut, prog and psychedelic rock.

DSD's journey continues towards deeper space and sounds.
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Track Name: Journey To The Space Mountain
Psychedelic visions guide the way
Deep and rich colors no shades of gray
Inside of the mountain
Altered visions from beyond
Cosmic horizon

Journey to the space mountain!

Gleaming eyes fixed on trail
Astral pathway into yourself
You are the mountain
Cloud covered sky above
Take the trip today

Journey to the Space Mountain!

We are all made of stars
Children of cosmos lost in space
Stare at the mountain
Crumbling beneath you
Mystery haze

Journey to the space mountain!

To the mountain!